Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Wonders of Airsoft

I created this blog to encourage people who are curious about airsoft so give it a try and to show you how fun it could be, and at the same time I want to inform you about where airsoft came from and how far it has come.  First lets start off with the history of this incredible sport. Airsoft started in Japan in the late 1970s. At the time it was illegal for anyone other than military personnel to own a real firearm in Japan. So airsoft was created as a form of home defence. They shot 6mm metal BB's and the rifles were operated by a green gas and were also spring operated. Most of the airsoft guns were very realistic, especially the handguns. The handguns were made to blow back after firing to re-chamber the next BB. The blow back gave the airsoft gun a realistic look. They were also full metal just like most of the gas blow back handguns today and they were also balanced and weighted to that of a real hand gun.

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  Since the mid 1980s arisoft has gone far enough to become a world wide sport. There are many varieties of airsoft guns made by different companies. For example KWA, Classic Army, G&G, and many more. To this day it is a growing sport that thousands of people of all ages can enjoy. It is still a form of self and home defense in some countries due to firearm restrictions. However, not only is it a sport and defense it is also a form of training for the Military and Law enforcement.

  Airsoft as a sport is usually played objectively. There is capture the flag. Where each team has to obtain the enemy flag and bring it to their spawn point. Team death match. Where each team has to eliminate the opposing team. There is center flag. With center-flag there are two markers or flags with colors indicating both teams. Each teams objective is to raise their teams color thus lowering the opposing teams color. There is territories where there are multiple markers or flags around the field that, just like center flag, has markers for each team. The team who has the most territories at the end of the round wins. But these aren't the only ways to play. There are milsims (short for military simulation). They are also played objectively however their objectives are more elaborate. They are done up so that the game is played as if it  was a real war. Gathering lintel, rescuing a hostage or meeting up at a rendezvous point are common objectives that would be found in a milsim. Milsim games are played in different terrine. The most common places to find milsim games are CQB (Close Quarter Battle) fields, woodland, desert or urban. Here is a video of a CQB game I recorded myself

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